Carrara White Marble (Italy) Oval Dining Table


The Tulip Table series is a premium reproduction line inspired by Finnish and American mid-century architecture, a period vastly characterised by the simplification of everyday living.

Italian Carrara White marble sits atop a glossy white Fiberglass base.  The unique single pedestal base is made from strong  & Shiny Fiberglass to support a heavy marble top whilst eliminating the unnecessary clutter of legs underneath.



Size 60″/150cm—60"x35.5"/150x90cm, Size 67"/170cm —-66.93" x 43.31" / 170x110cm, Size 78"/199cm—77.56" x 47.24"/199x120cm


Carrara White marble(Italy)


Cast-Aluminum with Glossy/Matt Surface, White Lacquered Fiber-Glass

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