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Hello, I’m Baggio Zheng, Founder behind MARBLE-TABLE. Since launching in 2016, we’ve specialized in crafting high-end Italian Design table bases and marble tables. Our creations have reached over 100 stone fabricators and renowned furniture brands across Holland, the UK, France, and the USA.

The Evolution of MARBLE-TABLE

My stone industry journey began in 1999, focusing on wholesale in the USA, UK, and EU.

Turning Point: In 2012, a Swiss client’s request for a high-quality stainless steel table base led me to design and produce brushed stainless steel bases, paired with top-notch tabletops in G684, G603, G654. This venture was met with widespread acclaim.

Growth and Expansion

Our success prompted more requests from stone fabricators, previously limited to marble tops, who wished to delve into full marble table sets.

  • Customization and Design: With over 1,000 Italian table designs and a team of 50 skilled artisans, we customize tables in size, finishing, and structure, ensuring unique, copyright-compliant designs.


We now serve Stone Fabricators, Furniture Brands,  Leading retailers from UK, Holland, USA. 

  • Vision: Our goal is to support 100 stone fabricators in the marble table business, making high-end Italian designs more accessible.

Interested in starting a marble table business or seeking Italian design Table base for your marble table? Feel free to CONTACT ME for professional support.

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Baggio Zheng

100+ Customers since 1998

I keep creating videos on Youtube to share how we Manufacture, Make Quality Inspections, Pack Italian Design Table Bases.

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