5 Gorgeous Stainless Steel Surfaces and Colors for Your Design Table

Stainless steel, while long popular, is making a resurgence in the high-end furniture market. Designers love the variety of colors, and the many choices of textures and finishes stainless steel has to offer.

Such a variety of choices can make for difficult decisions, so this article will help you by highlighting customer favorites for colors and finishes. Let’s get started!

Why Stainless Steel Is an Excellent Choice

Round Stainless Steel Table With Ceramic Top

There are many good reasons stainless steel enjoys popularity in the furniture industry. Here are just a few: 

  • Durability – Stainless steel is well regarded as a durable metal, and has been since its discovery in the early 1800s. First manufactured in quantity by Krupp AG, a German steelmaker, this useful alloy has only gained in popularity in the ensuing decades.
  • Corrosion resistant – The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is common knowledge.
  • Heat resistant – Stainless steel has superior performance to other carbon steels at high temperatures. They are more fire resistant, even at temperatures over 500° C, and they retain their stiffness more than carbon steel, even at temperatures above 300° C.
  • Versatile – Stainless steel comes in many forms, including sheets, rolls, tubes, and bars, to name a few. It is easily worked allowing designers to create complex products and shapes. Stainless steel bending, laser cutting, and CNC machining services, are all possible, with no need for exotic equipment.
  • Simple to clean – Stainless steel products are readily cleaned with ordinary household cleaners, such as detergent, which keep them looking new and extend their service life.

In businesses where hygiene standards are elevated, and where electrical equipment is exposed to a humid or corrosive environments, stainless steel is often used.

This reduces replacement costs and makes an initially expensive purchase economical over time.

  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use – Many of the above listed attributes explain why stainless steel is used outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Recyclable– Stainless steel is highly recyclable, making it an excellent choice for manufacturing new products. This reduces the strain on the environment by lowering waste and minimizing the exploitation of new raw materials.

John Lewis Tropez Coffee Table Sets

Surface Textures

Polished Surface

Polished Stainless steel is capable of taking a high polish, which offers a modern, yet minimalist vibe. For this reason, it is the most popular finish for furniture. It has a subtler sheen than chrome, is corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and tarnish resistant, which makes it more durable than a chrome finish. 

Kesterport Tribune Coffee Table Sets


Brushed stainless steel is preferred for outdoor furniture because it does not reflect light very well. It is also the choice for outdoor furniture because of its inherent corrosion resistance, workability and its attractive appearance.

We use #304 Grade stainless steel with a brushed surface finish for our outdoors furniture. 

Beliani Brushed #304 Stainless Steel Garden Table

Interior furniture may also have a brushed finish, normally with # 201 Grade stainless steel + Anti-fingerprint, or #304 Grade stainless steel, which boasts a higher cost.

Indoor Table in Brushed Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Colors

Advances in technology allow us to make stainless steel in a range of colors and hues. These are those most popular colors for furniture.

Various Stainless Steel Colors

Antique Brass

Brass is an interior design trend that began in 2021. Antique brass offers a settled-in, classy, even elegant look. Stainless steel in the antique brass color is less expensive alternative and all but indistinguishable from the real thing.

We use #201 Grade stainless steel + Brushed + Electroplated Brass Color+ Anti-finger print.

Kesterport Italia Coffee Table
Kesterport Italia Coffee Table


Shimmering gold stainless steel will turn your design into a refined and elegant piece of furniture.

Polished #201 Grade stainless steel, with gold Electroplating is a preferred choice.

Eichholtz Connor Coffee Table

Antique Titan Black

Black stainless steel is also very trendy, and the modernistic finish is growing in popularity.

#201 Grade stainless steel electroplated and Anti-fingerprint is our first choice.

Eichholtz Callum Coffee Table

In Conclusion

As you know, the right color and surface are critical to your design and equally important in driving sales. You need to consider beauty, cost, and popularity.  

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