Top 5  Materials for Table Bases of Marble and Granite Tables | Table Base For Marble Top

Table Base for marble top | Table Base for marble top | Table Base for marble top

To increase marble table sales,  offering attractive and unique designs for the local market is paramount. Equally vital are the cost-effectiveness, durability, and strength of the table base.  Here’s an easy-to-understand overview of the 5 best materials for table bases used with marble and granite tops. For each material, we’ll highlight their respective pros and […]

How to Choose a Perfect Table Base for Marble Top Table

Table Base for marble top | Table Base for marble top | Table Base for marble top

To ensure your marble or granite table looks stunning and functions flawlessly, selecting the right table base is vital. Here are 7 essential tips to guide your decision: Shape Tabletops come in various shapes, including rectangles, rounds, and ovals. Ensuring a perfect match between your table base and tabletop shape is crucial for an aesthetically […]

Top 10 Italian Ceramic Dining Table Brands

Are you starting a wholesale business for ceramic Dining tables? If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Italian ceramic dining table brands that you should know about. Catellan Cattelan is an Italian furniture brand that creates high-end, luxurious pieces, including dining tables. Their dining tables are renowned for […]

5 Steps To Find Perfect Ceramic Table Top Manufacturer

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art ceramic table top manufacturer to spruce up your wholesale business? There is much to consider when searching for a perfect supplier, so this guide will provide all the tips and tricks you need. Do your research The first step to finding the perfect ceramic table top manufacturer is to […]

Whether Ceramic Table Top Durable or Not?

Ceramic tabletops are a popular choice for many homeowners and designers alike. However, some may question the durability of ceramic and whether it’s a practical material for tabletops. In this article, we’ll explore the durability of ceramic tabletops and whether they’re a smart investment. Ceramic Slab Production First, we need to figure out how ceramic […]

3 Types of Ceramic Table Top you Need to Know

When choosing a ceramic table top for your design ceramic table, there are 3 main types that you should be aware of: Laminated Ceramic Glass Table Top Laminated ceramic and glass tabletops have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many Italian furniture brands have started incorporating this type of surface into their designs, Cattelan, […]

How to Get Italian Ceramic Table Top at 30% cheaper cost?

Searching for Ceramic table top for your design table? In this post, I will share 5 tips to help you to make a Nice Ceramic table top at a fair budget. Size When it comes to your wholesale business, choosing the right size for your ceramic table tops can be a crucial decision. You may […]

5 Gorgeous Stainless Steel Base Surfaces and Colors for Marble Table

Looking for Stainless Steel Table base for Marble Table? Stainless steel, while long popular, is making a resurgence in the high-end furniture market. Designers love the variety of colors, and the many choices of textures and finishes stainless steel has to offer. Such a variety of choices can make difficult decisions when choosing stainless steel […]

Top 10 Mid Century Modern Furniture Manufacturers You Need to Know

The mid-century has an uncanny reputation for historical firsts. It was an era that has cemented its importance as an era of renaissance in the history of humankind. The mid-century has never failed to fascinate me. It was an epoch of discoveries in sciences, medicine, arts, amongst others. But, one of its most fascinating secrets […]

How to Choose White Marble for Tulip Table Top? (Ultimate Guide 2021)

White Marble Tulip tables fall in the category of expensive designer furniture. Are you looking for the best complete guide to choose white marble tabletops?  I have been in the Natural Stone Business for 20+ Years. My company is manufacturing China Tulip Tables for 10+ Years. In this guide, I will share helpful information. It […]

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