Top 10 Mid Century Modern Furniture Manufacturers You Need to Know

The mid-century has an uncanny reputation for historical firsts. It was an era that has cemented its importance as an era of renaissance in the history of humankind. The mid-century has never failed to fascinate me. It was an epoch of discoveries in sciences, medicine, arts, amongst others. But, one of its most fascinating secrets was its furniture.

All furniture from this era had many things in common. First, they were aesthetic masterpieces. Then, they were crafted to serve their purposes and even stood the test of time. Finally, the phrase ‘mid-century modern’ depicts the most simple, streamlined look due to the era’s furniture. These days, with the appropriate amount of money, you can become a proud owner of MCM furniture.

As per my years of experience, I have compiled a list of the best mid-century modern furniture makers as below.

  1. Knoll
  2. Fritz Hansen
  3. Herman Miller
  4. Aarnio Originals
  5. House of Finn Juhl
  6. B&B Italia
  7. BoConcept
  8. Vitra
  9. Gubi
  10. Carl Hansen & Son

They all serve something different in the table. They all have made a name in the industry with some excellent designs. Let’s get started.

Best Mid-century Modern Furniture Manufactures

1. Knoll

Hans G. Knoll pic Credit by Knoll

German immigrant Hans G. Knoll founded the named company in 1938. Little did he know that it would become one of the renowned mid-century modern furniture manufacturers. But, his death in 1950 made his wife take the helm of the business. Now, it has become a global force that makes wholesale mid-century furniture.

Since its start, many brilliant designers have produced outstanding designs that still fascinate. The most prominent of these designers is Eero Saarinen.

Eero Saarinen, Pic credit by Famous People

He designed the Saarinen table . As a masterpiece of MCM, it combines aesthetics and functionality. You’ll definitely love it. It includes table seats for 4-5 people, an attached sub-top base with three screws, and a heavy base with molded cast aluminum.

Saarinen Table, Pics credit by Knoll

The Saarinen womb chair comprises a foam cushion over a reinforced fiberglass shell. Once you sit in it, you have the right feeling of comfort.

Saarinen Womb Chair, Pic Credit by Knoll

Following is the Barcelona collection, which always appeals to the royalty in me. It is upholstered with deep fine leather and lives on to treat us like royalty.

Barcelona Chair, Pic credit by Knoll

The Platner collection is a successful attempt to modernize the quaint design of the Louis XV era.

platner collection, Pic Credit by Knoll

2. Fritz Hansen

It all started in 1872 when an enthusiastic Danish Carpenter, Fritz Hansen, obtained a license in Copenhagen. Then, in 1885, he began a furniture line that would garner a reputation on the mid-century furniture manufacturers’ list.

A glance at the order history would indeed prove that he was a master of his niche. The Supreme Court, Christiansburg, the University library, etc. boast of Fritz Hansen’s genius furniture.The two most notable pieces of furniture from Fritz Hansen’s collection include the egg chair and swan chair.

Swan Chair Pic Credit by Fritz Hansen
Egg Chair Pic Credit by Fritz Hansen

The egg chair is a depiction of the victories of the legendary Arne Jacobsen. He experimented in his garage with the limited resources to give its perfect shape. In 1958, once again he reminded the world of his genius with his beautiful swan chair. He designed this simple-looking chair for the SAS Royal hotel to offer warmth while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Arne Jacobsen Pic Credit by Fritz Hansen

3. Herman Miller

Herman Miller was one of the most outstanding furniture companies in the world. Herman Miller started the company as an effort to help his son-in-law, De Pree. Herman purchased the Michigan Star company in 1923. Soon after the sale, De Pree named the company after Herman Miller to acclaim his integrity.

Eames Chair Pic Credit by Herman Miller
Eames Lounge Chair, Pic Credit by Herman Miller

By the mid-20th century, Herman Miller had become a household name for its innovative and modern furniture. Besides, Herman Miller had collaborated with many companies around the globe.Its 3 most prominent furniture designs are Eames chair , Eames lounge chair, Noguchi Table The Eames chair distinguishes itself by its simple and classic design that blends with any setting. Furthermore, it has a recyclable polypropylene shell that provides a soft texture and warmth. Meanwhile, the Eames lounge chair is a sweet combination of soft leather and molded wood. The chair stood out in the 20th century for its aesthetic design and a stamped medallion to mark authenticity.

Nogushi Table Pic credit by Herman Miller

4. Aarnio Originals

Eero Aarnio pic credit by Aarnio Originals

We can’t talk about the 20th-century furniture designers without mentioning Eero Aarnio. He was a trailblazer and a proponent of the most outstanding designs to emerge from the 20th century.

Ball Chair pic credit by Aarnio Originals

In 1963, he started to make a chair with a sphere hewn from an inclined plane, which became the iconic ball chair. Today, the ball chair is one of the most famous Finnish designs. The chair has found its way among collections, various TV shows and magazines.

Bubble Chair pic credit by Aarnio Originals

In 1968, Eero designed the bubble chair. According to him, the bubble chair hangs from the ceiling. This way, it shields one from the outside world. The bubble chair is derived from stainless steel and acrylic and is available in various leather offerings.

5. House of Finn Juhl

At an early age, Finn Juhl had one driving passion: to be an art historian. But, he faced stiff resistance from his father, who enrolled him in a department of architecture. As he progressed in his career, he made a big break when he designed the interior of the Trusteeship Chamber at the United Nations’ headquarters. Finn lived by two philosophies, the carrying element and the carried.

Pelican Chair House of Finn Juhl

His attitude reflects in his pelican chair. It stands out for its distinct appearance. For many, the pelican was ahead of its time. Its shape depicts the practicality of a body holding a body. The pelican chair has two versions, one with a button and one without. But, both have a factory-made cushion and the legs of oak or walnut.

6. B&B Italia

Piero Ambrogio Busnelli

From its start in 1966, B&B Italia distinguished itself under Piero Ambrogio Busnelli as an industrial leader. Today, you can’t rank top furniture companies without mentioning B&B Italia as a leading player. The company stands out from the others with its futuristic approach to the business, often exhibited by its ability to reflect trends, and adapt to new changes.

One of the most prominent designers with B&B is Mario Bellini, who designed the Camaleonda Sofa. The Camaleonda is a re-issued version that maintains all the attractive features of the classic version. Bellini decides to keep the design unchanged. For example, the seat module, armrest, backrest all remain whole. Furthermore, the Camaleonda stands out for its versatility. Its easy configuration suits the owner’s tastes. It comes in a wide variety of covers, colors, and finishes.

7. BoConcept

Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm

In the hot summer of 1952, two budding entrepreneurs embarked on their furniture business. Little did they know that they were going to be on the threshold of history. When Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm started, they had nothing but youthful enthusiasm, skill, and passion. Like other players in the Danish furniture industry, they had to adhere to industrial standards. These standards include the use of quality materials, simple designs, and high craftsmanship.

Imola Chair by BoConcept

BoConcept has seen unparalleled growth from a small factory to a global brand with stores in more than 60 countries. BoConcept has produced a wide variety of admirable furniture. Yet, its most prominent design is the iconic Imola armchair. It’s a masterpiece in all respects. It allows you to curl right into its spacious body while providing cushion and freedom. It has a swivel base that allows easy mobility, and you might feel to take a spin once in a while.

8. Vitra

Rolf Fehlbaum, the eldest son of Willi and Erika Fehlbaum

Another brand that has never ceased to amaze me is Vitra. But, to have a clear picture of its objectives, one has to delve into its history. In 1953 founder Willi Fellbaum encountered some designed chairs on a trip to the USA. Completely entranced by what he saw, he vowed to enter a career in furniture making.

Freeform Sofa

Over the years, he has designed a wide variety of furniture. But, two stand out amongst others. They are Vitra Freeform Sofa and the Organic Chair. The Freeform Sofa is a masterpiece. It’s the embodiment of a strong belief in creating fluid yet sturdy furniture. The company made that in limited numbers and often popped up in auctions. With the right amount, you can get a copy for yourself.

Oranic Chair

Omit, the Vitra Organic Chairs are a spec among mid-century modern furniture. It is the embodiment of contemporary European and American designers that influenced Willi. At first glance, you will notice how it transcends time and fits into your apartment. Its casual appearance makes it one of the most outstanding designs of the era.

9. Gubi

Gubi Jacob

Founded by Gubi and Lisbeth Olson in 1967, it created giant strides in the industry. Gubi is a well-known name for the attention to detail, durability, and aesthetic appeal of its products. Furthermore, the business remains in the family as it is now run by Gubi and Lisbeth’s son Jacob.

Pacha Chair

Gubi now boasts a wide range of furniture. But, if that has never mesmerized you before, wait until you behold the Pacha lounge chair. It is a joyful and pleasing masterpiece that embraces one and allows one to explore. The Pacha lounge chair makes a statement for itself, regardless of where you place it.

10. Carl Hansen & Son

Hans J Wagner

Carl Hansen and his family have an entrenched passion for furniture making. Cabinet maker Carl Hansen founded the company in 1908 and in 1915 he opened his first factory. They specialized in making bedroom furniture. But, with over a century in the business, Carl Hansen and Son has grown to global prominence.In 1949, Hans J. Wagner designed the wishbone chair only for Carl Hansen and their son.

Wisbone chair

If there’s a word to describe this vintage masterpiece, it would be ‘Breathtaking”. While designing this masterpiece, Wegner included some attributes. These attributes have made it stand out from the rest. For example, Wegner put the back and armrest in one piece. Furthermore, there was a series of detailed steps, and it was a product of a precise craft.


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