Whether Ceramic Table Top Durable or Not?

Ceramic tabletops are a popular choice for many homeowners and designers alike. However, some may question the durability of ceramic and whether it’s a practical material for tabletops. In this article, we’ll explore the durability of ceramic tabletops and whether they’re a smart investment.

Ceramic Slab Production

First, we need to figure out how ceramic slabs are produced. Neolith Laminam Dekton Florim slabs are produced using a unique and revolutionary sintering process. This process involves taking very thin layers of ceramic material (usually 3mm or 5mm in thickness) and combining them with special liquid glass binders, then heating this mixture to temperatures as high as 1300°C. This high temperature creates an extremely robust and hard-wearing result. The end product is highly resistant to wear, staining, heat and humidity – perfect for use in any environment or application.

Very Durable

Ceramic table tops are some of the most durable surfaces available today. Due to their hard-wearing properties, they are resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture – making them ideal for use in any environment or application. They can even be used outdoors due to their strength and resilience in extreme weather conditions.

Scratch Resistant

Ceramic table tops are incredibly scratch resistant, as the top layer is fused onto the ceramic material. This makes them more resilient than other types of table tops, and they can withstand wear and tear much better over time. The glazed coating provides an extra layer of protection against scuffs, stains and other marks, keeping your table top looking perfect for longer. 


Neolith Laminam Dekton Florim ceramic table tops offer added hygiene properties compared to regular ceramic. This is because the top layer is fused onto the ceramic material and creates an impenetrable surface that prevents any bacteria, germs or microbes from penetrating. This means you can be sure that your table top will remain free from unwanted substances, giving you a clean and sanitary environment for meal preparation and dining. Furthermore, this hygienic surface also enables easy cleaning – all it takes is a simple wipe with a damp cloth to keep your table looking spick and span!

High Temperature Resistant

Ceramic table tops are also highly resistant to high temperatures. Whether it’s a hot pot or pan that you just took off the stove, or a pot of boiling water on your dinner table, you can be sure that your ceramic tabletop will remain unaffected by the heat. This makes ceramic surfaces perfect for use in any environment where high temperatures may be present.

Acid Resistant

Ceramic table tops offer excellent protection against acidic foods and liquids. Thanks to their non-porous surface, they are highly resistant to acids and other corrosive elements, making them perfect for use in residential and commercial kitchens. 


Taking care of a ceramic table top is easy, as it requires minimal maintenance. A damp cloth and a gentle cleaning solution are all you need to wipe away dirt and spills with ease. Additionally, the glazed top layer helps to prevent staining and discoloration if liquid is spilled onto the surface. Furthermore, this kind of ceramic is resistant to heat from hot pots or pans, so you can rest assured that the material won’t be damaged while cooking. With these simple care tips, your ceramic table top will look like new for many years to come!


In conclusion, ceramic tabletops can be incredibly durable and long-lasting if properly maintained. By selecting a high-quality porcelain or glazed ceramic tabletop and taking proper care to avoid damage, your investment can last for years to come.

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